Daily Archive – January 2016

January 30, 2016

If Disney Characters Were Mormons (MormonBuzzz.com) If Disney Princesses Were Sister Missionaries (MormonBuzzz.com)
No Tickets Needed to Visit the New Provo Temple (LDS.net) Kung Fu Panda on the Primary Program (LDS.net)
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Runway Model Creates High End Temple Dresses (DeseretNews.com) Raising Kids without Raising Voice (DeseretNews.com)

January 29, 2016

Chick-Fil-A Shout out to LDS Missionaries (LDSLiving.com) Living Legends of Aviation (LDSLiving.com)
BYU Idaho Apostolic Warning and Promise (IdahoStateJournal) History of Tabernacles (MormonNewsRoom.org)
10 Most Expensive Mormon Books (LDSMag.com) Church in Iceland (LDSMag.com)
Elder Holland Face2Face Event Scheduled (LDSMag.com) Mormons who Played in the Superbowl (DeseretNews.com)
LDS LGBT Suicides (DeseretNews.com) Sunday Only Mormon (DeseretNews.com)
$1 Lease – Land Sold to Salt Lake County (DeseretNews.com)

January 25, 2016

College Basketball Prospects Serve the Lord in France (DeseretNews.com) A Home for the Holidays (DeseretNews.com)
Miss Utah International Model – Conversion Story (DeseretNews.com) Elder Oaks – Our Message for Missionaries (DeseretNews.com)
Elder Nielson – Invite Others to Come Unto Christ (DeseretNews.com) Bishop Waddle – The Role of the Book of Mormon in Conversion (DeseretNews.com)
Who Called Ishmael’s Burial Place Nahom? (LDSMag.com) Be Still My Soul/His Eye is on the Sparrow- LIVE cover by Amber Lynn ft. Joslyn Poole & Rashida Call (YouTube.com)
Jupiter Theme / God Beyond All Praising – Music to Inspire (YouTube.com)

January 23, 2016

Utah 3 Year Old Nails Little Mirmaid (YouTube.com) Baptist Minister Believes the Book of Mormon (LDSLiving.com)
LDS Wedding Haka (LDSLiving.com) Piano Arrangement – I Am A Child of God (YouTube.com)
Alex Boye – Under the See (YouTube.com) Huffington Post Debunks LDS Temples (HuffingtonPost.com)
Three Temple Open Houses Announced (LDSDaily.com)

January 21, 2016

LDS Zumba Instructor – Passion for Service (LDS.net) Jessie Funk – Inner Beauty (LDS.net)
Gold Temples (LDSDaily.com) Hoverboard & Life Lessons by Sister Marriott (LDSDaily.com)
3 Ways We Accidentally Make God Out Enemy (LDSDaily.com) He Ran a Marathon on All 7 Continents (LDSLiving.com)
LDS Police Officer Killed in the Line of Duty (LDSLiving.com) Boy Scout Honors His Father (DeseretNews.com)
Death of Colleen Hinckley Maxwell – 87 (DeseretNews.com) LDS Wrestler Publishes His Story (DeseretNews.com)
LDS fashion designer Rose Marie Reid (DeseretNews.com) Fiji Temple Open House (MormonNewsRoom.org)
Patriarchal Blessings App (DeseretNews.com) Prime Minister Visits Fiji Temple (LDSLiving.com)

January 20, 2016

LDS Stained Glass Windows (LDSLiving.com) Book of Mormon Video Game by LDS Teen (LDSLiving.com)
Book of Mormon Video Game Download (Amazon.com) LDS Ties to the Sundance Film Festival (BYU Daily Universe)
We Teach Our Kids to Hate Speaking in Church (LDSLiving.com) Non-LDS Perspective of Plain and Precious Truths Lost in the Bible (LDSMag.com)
What Does Donald Trump Think About Momons? (NYTimes.com) Religious Freedom Day (WhiteHouse.gov)
Prince Andrew Thanks Mormons – Helping Hands (MormonNewsRoom.org) Religious Freedom Expert Praises Family Home Evening FHE (MormonNewsRoom.org)
Mormon Youth Live Chat with Leaders (MormonNewsRoom.org)

January 19, 2016

20 Facts about the Provo Temple (Desnews) Rolling Through Trials (Desnews)
Fighting Addiction (LDSMag.com) James the Mormon & Rapper (UtahValley360)
Provo Tabernacle Fire – Lex De Azevedo (UtahValley360)

January 18, 2016

Finding Your Way (Desnews) PPC Marriage Proposal (Desnews)